EU Village in Kyrgyztan

11th of May 2019 Aino performed in Bishkek, Kyrgyztan. The EU Village event was organized by European Union in Kyrgyztan, and it was a lovely experience! Visitors had a unique chance to learn about the culture, history and traditions of the EU Member States and activities in Kyrgyzstan.

“In the very heart of sunny Bishkek on 11 May the EU Village will open its doors to all those, who wish to spend a day in magic Europe.
It’s a holiday here in the Village! Here are the dances and funny games for children and adults alike as well as music and live concert there performed by talented artists.
Our friends will meet and greet every guest, offering them Montmartre-style croissants, crispy Belgian waffles and famous Andalusian cookies. Limoncello and Sangria, Wiener Schnitzel and German sausages, Bigus and pizza, pasta and paella, eclairs and marzipan – all the delights of European cuisine will be offered in our friendly village.”