SoundMindGames -konsertti toukokuussa Aarhusissa

Tervetuloa konserttiin!

"SoundMindGames is a suite of three pieces influenced by my travels to Ghana in the end of 2016. I wanted to explore how to connect the intensive drumming from Ghana with my own instrument, Finnish kantele.

The theme for the suite formed when I returned from my trip. As I had to adapt again to the busy lifestyle with deadlines and full mailboxes, I started to look for solutions for the distractions of the mind for finding some clarity and calmness. My compositions turned out to be also about that search, thoughts, mind games and sounds that I experienced during the spring in Aarhus.

As the road has taken me also elsewhere during the studies, there will be also other compositions from the strech of the road!

Looking forward to share the music with you!"

Aino Ruotanen - kantele / voice
Ari-Pekka Kauppinen - bass
Frederik Bülow - drums

Tuesday 30th of May, 18.45
Musikhuset Aarhus, Rytmisk Sal
Free entrance