Aino Ruotanen is a Finnish musician, kantele artist, composer and teacher. Her background is mainly in Scandinavian traditional and contemporary folk music, but she has been also widely involved in other rhythm music styles and genres. Her compositions are influenced by pop- jazz- and rock music, among world- and traditional sounds.

Aino's solo project is exploring the diversity of her instrument. Aino combines modern and traditional sounds of Finnish kantele with her unique rhythmic style of playing and wide scale of vivid tones. Her songs are making observations of the world in a colorful way. With versatile kantele, looper and voice she's creating a full soundscape and coloring it with vibrant improvisation. All together, she covers a whole band!

Aino's journey with kantele started in 1996 in Rääkkylä, folk music parish in North Karelia. Aino studied in the rhythm music department in Joensuu (Finland) and in the Folk- and World music department in Malmö (Sweden). She did her masters in the Global Master program of Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus & Sibelius Academy (Denmark/Finland), and graduated in 2017. Besides Finland she has been performing for example in Japan, Kyrgyz, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Russia, Senegal and Ghana.